Rachel Sommer: The World’s Funniest Optometrist*

She’s a comic by night, mild mannered Optometrist by day. Winnipeg addition Rachel Sommer has been trying to spread both laughter and moderately improved eyesight around Manitoba.


What’s up, you ask?

Rachel will be performing at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2015 Gala Show: Quit Your Day Job at the Pantages Theatre on April 11th which will be taped for television. Interested in coming along to be in the live audience? Check out the info page and ticket sales here

In preparation for the gala show, Rachel will be at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2015 preview show at McNally Robinson’s Prairie Ink Restaurant on March 26th.

Rachel can also be seen in Clearwater, MB on March 27th for a private function along with Al Rae and Dean Jenkinson.

Optometric Management Magazine has also written an article on Rachel for their Feb 2015 issue. Awesome! Check it out here!

Rachel is still plugging her biographical TV comedy series concept HINDSIGHT about an optometrist stand up comedian. It is still currently being reviewed by networks. Look at the hilarious clips here

*While Rachel does in fact believe she is the world’s funniest Optometrist we are in no way suggesting the unfunniness of others in the same profession. Any challenges to said title may be submitted by written request and will be promptly addressed by formal invitation to a duel.