Rachel Sommer: The World’s Funniest Optometrist*

She’s a comic by night, mild mannered Optometrist by day. Winnipeg addition Rachel Sommer has been trying to spread both laughter and moderately improved eyesight around Manitoba.


What’s up, you ask?

Rachel is featured in the member profile section in the Sept/Oct Costco Connection magazine. She is very excited to appear in the same magazine that once featured her imaginary boyfriend, HGTV star Scott McGillivary. Check out her article here


She is on a magazine article roll and will also be featured in the upcoming October edition of MiVision, an awesome optical magazine based in Australia. Will post a link as soon as it’s online! It’s a doozie of an article too!


Rachel will be performing at a private function on Sept 15 for the OWLS (Old Wise Lutherans Society) as part of the Joy Lutheran church in Winnipeg.


Rachel has also created a TV pilot, HINDSIGHT, that was filmed by Yerstory Productions in December/January and pitched to the networks at the Banff Media Festival in 2014. And yes, it is the first optometry based TV pilot! We had a terrific response in Banff and are waiting to hear back if there are any offers. The pilot episode will be shown at the Gas Station Theatre in Winnipeg on Sept 28th in an event hosted by Big Daddy Tazz. WANT TO COME ALONG TO SEE THE FULL PILOT EPISODE? Tickets and other merchandise can be purchased through our Indigogo campaign.


*While Rachel does in fact believe she is the world’s funniest Optometrist we are in no way suggesting the unfunniness of others in the same profession. Any challenges to said title may be submitted by written request and will be promptly addressed by formal invitation to a duel.