Rachel Sommer: The World’s Funniest Optometrist*

She’s a comic by night, mild mannered Optometrist by day. Winnipeg addition Rachel Sommer has been trying to spread both laughter and moderately improved eyesight around Manitoba.


What’s up, you ask?

HINDSIGHT, her biographical 1/2 hour scripted TV comedy series idea, has entered the CBC/Comedy Coup Competition! Help her win $500K to make a pilot that will be shown on prime time CBC next fall. Log into the Comedy Coup website, become a fan, find the HINDSIGHT page, then rate, fav and share! Help get us there!

HINDSIGHT on Comedy Coup

Rachel is also featured in the October edition of the Mivision magazine. Check out the awesome article here!


*While Rachel does in fact believe she is the world’s funniest Optometrist we are in no way suggesting the unfunniness of others in the same profession. Any challenges to said title may be submitted by written request and will be promptly addressed by formal invitation to a duel.